Jump-Starting Collaboration

As we start the new year, I am taking the opportunity to review and share resources that I have found especially useful and relevant in recent months, and hopefully by doing so I can bring to a wider audience the insights of other practitioners.

To lead-off I can think of no better resource than “The NICE Reboot” by Penina Rybak.  Full disclosure: I had the pleasure to participate as a panelist with Penina, together with the equally enlightening Jo-Rose Portfolio and Alex Freund this past fall.  And by way of further disclosure, the event on ‘Personal Branding’ was put together by the dynamic Sara Greenhouse who I had met while presenting at a Generation Y networking event convened by the indefatigable Joe Finazzio earlier in 2014.  Which to me demonstrates how ‘networking’ in practice opens the door to new connections and collaborative opportunities.

Sub-titled ‘A Guide To Becoming A Better Female Entrepreneur’, what caught my attention were the expert tips packaged as ‘Penina’s Pointers’.  Quite simply these distil on a single page more information than is normally to be found in a whole chapter.  From my perspective, Chapter 4 on Mentoring was particularly insightful, dealing as it does with such key topics as how to choose a mentor, and when to complete a mentoring program.

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